I just got this from a friend, and I changed all the settings to how I liked. Then I put in my OS 1 distortion pedal, and obviously I plugged it in wrong and it didnt work. But then when i took it out you cant hear any of the effects, I didnt touch the volume or anything I think i pressed bypass a few times cause I didn't know wtf was going on, I can hear the delay and flanger very low but everything else I get shit all. So I just wanna know... is there a way I can reset this thing or did I just screw something up.

If it matters...I plugged a cord from the 3rd pedal where it says "Send" into the input of the distortion...and nothing happened, and since then I haven't been able to bring the sound back.
you know, you've got to send a cable from the output of the cable you put the send into, back into the return.
Ya well I dont have that many cords, I think I'll just try to find a .pdf of the manual so I can see whats up with it though. Maybe one of the cords is just screwed.
just try to hook it up, send it back to the pedal. then turn it off, remove the pedal, and hook it back up to the amp.