Ive got a digitech grunge pedal, but, i know its stupid, but its a wee tad too grungy, it sounded alright at the shop when i tested it out, just wanted to know if theres anyway to wind back the distortion or should i just buy a new one?

i sorta play metallica -> iron maiden -> lacuna coil, so need something a bit 'lighter' for the first two.

Current Gear:

J&D Luthiers 7 string.
Ashton GA100 Amp.
Digitech RP80 & Grunge.
Boss Superchorus.
Berhenger Wah.
Carton of Victoria Bitter.
Pack of Winfeild Blue.
Well, if you want less distortion, the simplest solution would be to turn the gain down, but if you don't like the actual sound of it, check out a new distortion pedal. Sorry for the shameless self-advertisement but: I'm selling my Digitech Distortion factory, so drop me a PM if your interested.