Hey, are these amps really tube???

cos it seems really cheap for a 60 watt tube amp, is it really crumby or something? I play rock and funk and i'm wondering if its any good.
Ive never used it but i have a behringer SS gmx212 and it sounds like crap. Try it out first because you never know what your getting. You might just be better off w/ an epi valve junior w/ mods and or pedals. I mean seriously do you need 60w? 5 all tube watts is more than enough for bedroom practice, can be heard over a drummer and if you needed to gig you could j/ PA it. Thats my cheap tube plan for now anyway because im on a VERY tight budget. Just thought i would throw out another option before you jump to a conclusion.
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Never use anything made by behringer. They are just cheap shit!
Do you know ANY pros that use Behringer? NO! If behringer were good, then good people would use them. I used to have a 120wt behringer amp and i returned it after my first play with it. It is a dodgy piece of SHIT! honestly man, nothing good is made by behringer. the AC112 is dodge as to. Try quality amps like Randall and Marshall
I keep hearing that Behringer is crap and beginners material. I'll agree with the later easily. But crap?

This kid on youtube says that he soley uses that amplifier with a stock Ibanez and he manages to get a pretty decent tone (imo).