this guitar looks awesome and supposedly has a good crunch with the right effects. i REALLY want it.

but ive never played it nor seen a store with it. ever.

so i guess im asking anyone for their opinion on this guitar. my main question is can a decent AC/DC sound come out of it... i usually play stuff like metallica, slipknot, and nirvana but i want a resonably versatile guitar.

and if this guitar sucks could you offer an alternative between $200-$300?

It's a 50. Dont get any LTD lower than atleast a 250. Some people would disagree and tell you not to get anything under a 400 but I'm pretty satisfied with my F-250.
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tbh, if your looking for AC/DC type tone, then i'd suggest an SG. Not just because Angus played one, but also because it has actually a good guitar for AC/DC styled music. $200-300 though....i'm not savvy with american bucks, but i do know that the Epiphone G-400 is great guitar for the price. Maybe a pickup swap later on, but definitely something to look into. The wood is good too, alder from memory, so much better than agathis.

Plus, the SG has less gaps in the body than the AX-50, so your better off.
+1 with intermission.

And get in the orange thread right now.
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Sorry mate, The AX-50 is really really shit. I work in a music store and we have one is stock. Yeah it looks alright but it is shocking. it has horrible pickups and just sounds like a stick with strings honestly.
I think everyone's opinions of the ESP 50's is bad because you guys might've had more than one or two guitars already. If this is going to be your first or even second guitar, I really think it might be ok. My very first (and only so far) guitar is the ESP EC-50. I think it's really good, and it sounds great. But then again, I'm a novice. I haven't tried different pickups on it, but i have tried it on a fender jazz king. I thought it was amazing! BUT...i'll say it again...I'm a newbie. SO....I think the best advise there is out: try it..and try some more until you are satisfied to buy it. Good luck...