Okay first, I'm sorry if there's already a thread on this, and second I'm sorry if this is the wrong section. Okay, I've been playing guitar for about a year and a month, but I've never really got into chords. I know the basic chords, but I don't really know any songs to use them in, could yall help me out and list some songs that use a lot of chords?

Thanks so much in advance!
Songs that use chords? Let me see...hmm, how about 99.9 percent of songs ever written.

For starters try songs like Good Riddance (Time of your life) by greenday..just focous on strumming the chords, not picking the notes. Thats pretty much a staple acoustic song these days.
Well there are two ways you can go fingerpicking or just strumming.

I know songs like Babe I'm Gonna Leave You from Zeppelin will really help you improve on your chords and especially fingerpicking.

I think Hey Joe from Hendrix can be played with simple basic chords. It was the first song my teacher showed my to play and learn the chords with.
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Don't Cry by GNR.
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try any song at all...
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Songs that use chords?

Erm, just about every song from Western culture since the Renaissance.
i think he means song that just involve strumming the chords
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Wish you were here by pink floyd is a good one.
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What a bunch of smartarses, jesus. Can I just ask, what motivates you to take time out of your day just to make someone feel small?

-- Most ballads will fit your needs. For nice chord arrangements and fingerpicking check out anything along the rolling stones, beatles, simon and garfunkal and radiohead line. Basically your 'singer/songwriter' genre.
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i think he means song that just involve strumming the chords
In that case, here are my favorites:

Eve of Destruction
In My Life
I Will Follow You Into the Dark
American Pie
Boys in the Hood
Yoshimi, Pt.1
Good Riddance
I Lost My Baby
I Won’t Back Down
What a Wonderful World
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Falling Away With You
Fake Plastic Trees
High and Dry
Under The Bridge
Say It Ain’t So
Behind Blue Eyes
Empty Apartment

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What a bunch of smartarses, jesus. Can I just ask, what motivates you to take time out of your day just to make someone feel small?

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Yes, that's what I meant, songs that use a lot of strumming of chords. Thanks so much, this helped a lot!
Wonderwall by Oasis
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try some simple 12 bar blues - only 3 chords, should get you going.
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House of the rising sun for practicing arpeggios.

If you want something newer.. In This River by Black Label Society is pretty fun. Just gotta learn the D in the right position. I hate people who use normal Dmajor on the 4 high strings, it makes the song sound like crap.

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Wish you were here by pink floyd is a good one.

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Here's some of my favourites:

Oasis - Live Forever/Slide Away/Half the World Away
The Libertines - France/Time for Heroes
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Bob Marley - Redemption Song/No Woman No Cry (good to work your own tab out for)
Radiohead - Creep/No Surprises/Karma Police
The Coral - Dreaming of You
Neil Young - Heart of Gold

Give those a try
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A real easy one is Poison's "Every Rose Has It's Thorn."

For more of a challenge, try "Put Your Lights On" by Carlos Santana, featuring Everlast.
any ac/dc song
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