I've been looking into getting my second guitar for some time, and have decided on a V. Not only do I LOVE the way they look, but they would also be comfortable for me to play since I like to place the guitar between my legs. My budget is $500 and I don't really need a trem.

I've been looking at:

A BC Rich IT Jr. V

A Jackson RX10D or KX10D

Any suggestions, or recommendations? (Please disregard the brand name and don't say BC Riches suck, go for Jackson and stuff like that).

the jackson looks way cooler than the BC rich, IMO, and probably sounds better
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the jackson will sound better. but the bc rich will look cooler.

Click the links... I beg to differ.
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save $200 more and get this http://www.samash.com/catalog/showitem.asp?itemid=61488&sourcetype=singleitemsearch
it will last longer than the other 2 you picked. and out of the 2 you did pick id go with the bc rich since the jacksons licensed floyd rose will be a nightmare

Agreed, assuming you like EMGs.
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Is the ESP neck thru? Looks nice though. If I do save up $200, I could get an RR3.

I found this for $600:


My problem is that I am getting a Roland Cube 30x soon for my birthday, and my parents are making me return my Yamaha starter pack to pay for $150 of it. I myself have $400 saved up, so what would happen is I would have a new amp, but no electric. I could probably get a job within a month (im getting my license in less than 2 weeks), but that's WAY too long without electric guitar for me.