do youthink that getting an HJ from your girlfriend is worth being grounded for like a week?

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my balls undropped...they're not all like low and stuff, and they look like they did when I was little...I still spew and stuff. Is it possible that I may be getting younger by the minute?!

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I do not see this "important" question.

It depends, you are leaving out a whole lot of information, so I don't know.
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Why would you be grounded? Is your mom watching?
Is it a bad thing if one of your testicles is larger then the other two?
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my mom wanted me home like a half an hour before i actually did

Well the HJ wasn't the problem, for it probably only took you a few seconds

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Good for you. Have a cookie.

But really... there's no cookie. And if there was, you wouldn't get one.
HJ's cause gonorrhea.
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