i want to be able to be playing gigs by the end of next month but i only have a roland micro cube and a crap crate... so i need a few suggestions on picking out a good tube amp for the aforementioned genres
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I'm gonna suggest either the Peavey Valveking (1x12 or 2x12) if you want an amp leaning towards the high-gain end of the spectrum but still able to do a nice bluesy crunch. Or if you want something with a bit more of an old-school sound the Peavey Classic 30 is a very nice amp for the price, but won't do metal all that well.

Basically the Peavey tube amps are the best tube amps you'll get for the price.
A marshall combo or a Vox combo.
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hmm not many marshall combos that will be able to do that and that are tubes. you could try going with the Marshall DSL401 and bumping off $100 to get it into your budget