So I'm looking at vintage electric semi/full hollow bodies.. I'm going for a 60's vintage guitar sound, similar to the sound The Brian Jonestown Massacre gets from their vintage guitars when not using any effect pedals..

I've heard that some of the guitars today have been designed to work well with pedals.. Does that mean I'll be disappointed if I go with, lets say, a new Ibanez Artcore Semi-Hollow compared to a vintage 60's harmony?

Ibanez artcore guitar..

I've been looking at this on ebay for the harmony rocket..

What amp would you suggest to go with something like this?
The Ibanez AS73 (similar to Gibson 335) would probably not be a good choice for a 60's clean sound. I love mine, but the guitar is made more for distortion. If you can afford it go with a Rickenbacker or Gibson 335. The Epiphone Dot may do a little better on the sound you seem to be looking for, but the pickups are more powerful than the AS73. Still check out the AS73. Neck is great and the pickups are moderate. For $330 you can't beat it.
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Epiphone Casino

That guitar is the epitomy of the gutsy, bright 60s hollowbody sound. The beatles used them, Tom Petty uses them, Pete Townshend has a few, Leslie West has one.

You cannot go wrong. They are hands down the best thing in the epi model range.

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Yeah, Epiphone Casino if you're going for vintage. Epi Dot or Ibanez Artcore have a much more modern sound.
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