I'm listening to "my great escape".
Good use of effects to create a good mood. I like how you build up the layers. The sometimes seems out of place. However at 2:18 the song's at an intelude, but although it keeps building up to something, it never seems to come, if you know what I mean, it just meanders along. It would make a good "intro-lude" to an album or maybe even a live performance. Ending is a little odd.

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Temporary Setback is great. I really like the chords that you use, the slight dissonance and the lead guitar work is so damn tasteful!

The Nameless has an amazing rhythm. This track is friggin epic, could be used for a movie. Once again your guitar playing is great. Its so fluent and you never seem to misplace a note (5:50, we can all learn from this playing). Your tone is so appropriate too. Pretty much perfect id say.

I listened to the other 2 as well and theyre were both exceptional as well. No crits man. This is wonderful, great quality, really well mixed, etc but as great as that is, Its even more wonderful how great they are musically. you should be very proud!
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Check it out
the midnight song: cool bells and synth in the background. hte guitar riff i is kind of bluesy/ chilli peppers sounding to me(thats a good thing in my eyes). the bass is a bit boring, but hey, your a guitar player, and they're different skills.

the overdriven lead is very classic sounding. very cool, although maybe some vibrato would be nice?

cool stuff.

crit mine?

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sam i am: yeah that track is one of my stranger sounding ones. i just like how it sounds overall, lack of climax aside. but anyway the wound of knowledge is sounding great. sounds real pink floydish, like animals mixed with division bell... and chili peppers a bit too. wow, great guitar solo. very well played. i think if your missing anything, its a solid catchy hook that would appeal to listeners other than fellow musicians. but great job
chrisatgrace: hmm.. im not sure why, but i can't get your songs to play. but thanks for the crit anyway. if u fix em let me know
they seem to be playing for me? maybe click the play button an extra time? thanks.
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hmm.. thats weird. sorry dude i still cant get it to play. maybe its cause im on a mac? i dunno tho. sorry lol. sometime in the future ill give it another try, possibly it will work then lol
I listened to a few of your songs, and i have to say it's very rarely I find other people's original recordings that i could actually see myself coming back to listen to, but you have some good tunes there man. It's got a very solid style with some prominent classic rock influences i've noticed; correct me if I'm wrong. The music's pretty trippy too. If you don't mind me asking, what do you use to record and mix? It sounds very professionally done.
4evermetal: wow thanks a lot dude haha. i record with pro tools le 7. ive never really been taught how to use it so i dont know all the tricks yet lol, but im practicing. ive only been using the program for a couple of months. but anyway, thanks for the boost of confidence.
autopilot6: thanks for the crit man. favorite thing on UG?? thats great to hear i gave yours a listen and posted crit on your thread.
Great stuff man. Definitly a Flyod feel to it. Probably my favorite would be the Midnight Song. I really enjoyed the panning effect in most of your stuff. Keep up the good work.
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Thanks for the crit

Midnight Song: Nice use of the clock bells at the start. Are the drums programmed or you playing them? They sound pretty good, anyway. Can I hazard a guess and say they are from BFD? The harmonising guitars are pretty good, but the bass lacks something.

The Nameless has a cool filter on the guitar in the intro. The lead is really cool, too. I also like the progression, but again, the bass does nothing for me.