Hello guys I need some advice, I need to get a good amp for ptactise and gigs, it´s a huge money investment for me (I don´t have a work) so I really want to make a good desicion.

My budget is between 800-1000 USD and I play mostly death metal, some friends told me that a Peavy or a Crate are good options what u guys think? I have a zoom g9.2tt effect procesor so I dont need effects on the amp.

I really need help with this I don´t know much about amps, actually I have only owned 2 small amps a little laney that I sold long time ago and a line 6 spider II, but finally I could sold the spider 2 days ago and now I´m missing playing with an amp , (yes the spider sounds bad but it´s better than don´t have an amp at all )

Thanks for the help guys!
for you crate or peavey would be good but maybe have a look at mesa/boogie or Randall for your style
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used Peavey 5150/6505 combo or head and a decent cab if you can find a deal.
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