I was wondering, are there many good wah wah pedals available under A$180?. I mean I could save up for a crybaby or something, but they're really expensvie, so I'd rather not if I could find one for less.
Saving up for the crybaby is gonna be worth it. Promise..
You could make your own.. Look for a schematic diagram on the internet, then buy the parts.. grab a soldering iron, and build it. its a lot cheaper. the hardest part to find is the coil..
you can get second hand crybabys off of ebay for less than 180 and theyre generally pretty reliable because crybabys are built to last and withstand heavy gigging so thats an option

otherwise just save up and shop around for the best deal
What Crybaby's are you guy's looking at? I could only find one more than $180 and that was the rack wah. Most are cheaper than $180. I just bought a VOX 848 for $150..
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there are cheaper crybaby's on ebay.. a few weeks ago i saw one for like $120.. Maybe not exactly in mint condition.. But there are some pretty decent ones for a decent price.
Crybaby Originals are HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE pedals, completely useless. Save for a Vox.
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half stacked, he's talking about the currency of teh aussies.

And +1 With RHCP. I now detest crybaby wahs -_-.
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you could pick up a crybaby classic with the fasel inductors for like 70 bucks at guitar center, or the hendrix wah for like 120, both are dunlop
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Save up for the Vox.

And I think he means he has Australian Dollars. Right?
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wats so bad about the crybaby?? and ive seen the original crybaby on musiciansfriend.com for $59.
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Yeah the vox is going to be a better choice over a crybaby. I had a crybaby and it only lasted 3 months. My vox is now about a year old.
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Crybaby>Vox, the Vox is way too mellow sounding, try a crybaby classic.
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Look out after the wah from behringer, a real bargain. cheap and good. I have a crybaby from hell (dimebags signature) it's great. hope it works out for you


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^Dude, you realize that your gear usually goes in your sig, right?

Anyways, I would support Vox over Crybabies, but that's just me.
Hunt around for a George Dennis Wah(the orange case one). Tough, good sound, and they're similar to the Morleys in that they have the optic switch.