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All right, so they're both true legends in the book of hard rock, but when it comes to singing, who do you think excels the other?

For me, It's obviously Dio. He has an awesome voice, with that raw sound to it, and even now, in his slight veteran days, he's able to keep up the intensity he has always had.

Ozzy, on the other hand; I never really appriciated that man. He's always lacked technique, but I'll go as far as saying he was decent back in the 70's (his unperfect, *slightly ugly* voice kinda fit into the Sabbath thing. But now, as the drugs have destroyed so much of him, he's worse than ever. Just look at him staggering around on the stage (singing along to songs lowered 2 notes because he can't really sing as high any more. I have thourougly respect for what he did and meant to metal, but I'm sorry, it only goes as far as that. *Please don't flame me, Ozzy-fans*

So what do you think, which one is the better?
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Yeah DIO FTW. Awesome voice. Ozzy is by no means crap, but Dio is better.
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Dio is a WAY better singer. I dig his solo work. But for me,as far as Sabbath goes, it's Ozzy or nothing. It doesn't even have anything to do with the singers themselves, I just can't stand Dio era Sabbath's music.
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They're both awesome, but Dio invented the --> \m/ hand thing that everyone in metal does, so he wins for that...
Um.. *squeak* Ozzy.. Please don't kill me.. It's just an opinion..
Ozzy for Black Sabbath and Dio for Rainbow.
They're both amazing in their own way
Also, you can't really compare them cause they have a totally different style.
There is a Black Sabbath thread in existence, where this topic has already been discussed to death. And I'm sure this counts as a Vs thread, which aren't allowed.
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