Hi guys,

just looking for a bit of advice please.

I use a mesa boogie dual rectifier with a marshall 1960A 300 watt, schecter diamond series, schecter 7 string blackjack and a fernandes

just wanting to purchase rack gear to give me a few different sounds. Ideally looking for

noise gate/compression
and some sort of rack equipment or pedal to give me that crispy steve vai lead sound.

Play in a tool/sikth/dillinger style band but starting to add a few interesting little sweep picking parts and tapping parts.

cheers guys
rack gear basically epitomizes the idea of diminishing returns, imo. with that said, look into the eventide ultra harmonizer and the behringer ultragraph eq. with that many options to shape your sound the only question is will you ever be able to find yours.
Um for that Steve Vai crispy lead sound you need either a Carvin Legacy, or a Bogner XTC - you are not gonna get it with a Recto. His base tone comes from his amps - not from his rack. His rack just complements that tone. Also he uses extremely expensive rack gear - the Eventide Harmonizer alone is around 2 grand - around $1500 if you buy used.
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not sure tho dude, the guys from sikth play similar styles to vai, they use mesa/framus and peavey with fernandes and black machine 7/8 strings and get an amazing sound using that
the TC G-Major has all those effects you listed, and it's one of the better sounding and more highly regarded multifx rack units. Not saying anything about making you sound like Vai, but it has those fx you were looking for at a reasonable price.
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yeah the G-Major is great, other than that yeah youre looking to spend a lot on specialized rack mount stuff, which i never got seeing as how nowadays theres usually a pedal that sounds just as good as the rack stuff.
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Well ok, it depends - do you want the core tone of Vai's stuff - or do you want tone of his effects? For instance, I can buy a Digitech Whammy and achieve solo's that have Jack Whites' effects tones - I will not have his core tone (which comes from his amp), but the tone of his effects.
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Good call

Man, you should be a mod, you know everything.

Carmen Electra has got a nice rack...............
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one of my buddys recommended using a pod xt pro and then a rocktron hush.

how would this compare to tc electronic u advised?