Well I've been debating putting this thread up for a while. Basically most if not all of the new music I find is from www.pandora.com (free to join ppl ), and today I found such a wealth of stuff on it I figured rather than make a whole shedload of individual threads for them, I'd just consolidate it into one - so then you can ignore tham all at once, hahaha

So yeah, this morning I needed mellow stuff so I looked for Emiliana Torrini, and the cream so far has been...

Thievery Corporation - www.thieverycorporation.com
Nina Nastasia - www.myspace.com/ninanastasia
Joanie Leeds - www.joanieleeds.com
Brianna Sage - www.briannasage.com

The latter two are truly breathtaking. Good stuff for a Monday morning in an empty office

And yeah for anyone who comes into this from the homepage to say how this sucks and I should go listen to some Metallica / Led Zeppelin / MCR / Blink182, bear in mind before you do so that this is in the A/I forum, but cheers for looking anyway
I've never used Pandora, I'll give it a try. (thievery corporation are pretty old)
the heart is a risky fuel to burn
Yeah so it seems, I excel in finding things people have known about forever