Does anyone have any tips on playing the intro to this song on the 040704070407 to the 05080508 on the 2nd string.

I'm trying to learn this song but haven't found a good technique to playing it well.
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your supposed to finger-tap that bit of the song if that helps, and with the finger-tapping you only use your fret hand. Thats how i play it
i use alternate picking, start out slowly. the intro to Thunderstruck is a great way to exercising on your alternate picking IMO
There is a plethora of better places you could have put this thread.

But it is alternate picked, not "finger-tapped"(which by the way is not the right term anyway. You would have been closer by saying hammer-on/pull-off, Birdy. Tapping is an entirely different technique and is not applied here.)
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