I don't know... a woman obsessed is what I've become - obsessed with MCR at the moment - "the moment" meaning "the past few months".

I've done a cover of "The Ghost of You". It's still a draft right now... because the lead guitar (right speaker) is not complete (or properly learned, lol). I'm fixing that up. But, I think I did I a pretty decent job.

Here it is...

if you're interested.... you may want to see the other covers that I did too.

Please CRIT the "GHOST OF YOU".

Didn't think the intro was quite right, but the rest sounded not bad.

maybe not quite the MCR tone on the guitars there. A bit too thin and fizzy on the distortion.
wow, its pretty nice, don't have to say anything negative about it. very good recording, i could hear every instrument...its even listenable without the vocals.. props to you... and keep doin what you doin. did you record this in the studio or just the pc?
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voodoo child - jimi hendrix (good song by a crap guitarist)
nothing else matters - metalica (closest they'll ever come to true metal)
can't stop - rhcp (john is not god)
fix you - coldplay (the shredding is top)
awesome, you still gotta do thank you for the venom , but all your covers are great, i like it better when they sound different than the actual song, so its like you made it your way. so even tho the intro kinda wasn't right, it sounded better. keep it up.
this sounds pretty cool! i like the effect on the clean guitars very nice. it also sounds well recorded. the dist. guitars sound good too. although the bit at around 2:20 doesn't sound too good. i think it should be a little brighter imo. and i think it should flow a little smoother nice job overall

crit mine if you would please!
i dont know what it, maybe because its missing vocals, it just doesnt seem to flow, for soem reason the lead guitar also reminds me of a powertab style tone to it, i like it but i dont think its quite right.
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So far really liking it
You've got some good tones going on, I've got nothing to complain about the tones/playing aspect of it. The only thing I think you need to work on are your recording techniques, what program do you use to record?
To all who have replied:

- wow... i thought my discussion topic was of no interest to the UG community. thanks everyone for commenting.

- just like "ghost of you", "thank you for the venom" is still in the learning stages

- YEEEA. i'm still on the quest to find the right tones. hahaha.

- my recording set-up is basically a cord and an adapter that i bought from Radio Shack for like, $2.50, my digi-tech FX pedal.... and... cool edit! lol i loove this program.

i'll definitely take all your comments into consideration! thanks again...

- i'll C4C soon. i've got an essay to write! AHHAAHHAA ... wait.. aww.
never heard one single my chemical romance song, but i keep hearing from people that i should check them out. so i can't compare this to the original, but I CAN say that your playing is very good. it's tight, not sloppy. I actually like the guitar tones, they're kinda gritty and raw. sounds good.

cool song. ya oughta try and put some vocals down on it.
thanks for the feedback!

but, i don't think i'll be putting vocals over THIS track. i can't exactly do justice to it. i did vocals over my "give 'em hell, kid" cover though.

vote for me in the "My Chemical Romance" Cover contest! Anyone?
i think guitar 2 should be louder in the verse, and guitar a bit more disorted in the chorus.. but very good averall