Hey I'm new to this and this is my first post. I'm soon going to be buying a new guitar and I've picked out a couple that I like but I just cant seem to decide on which one is best for me. Right now I'm playing a epiphone slash signature series that has been upgraded with Seymour Duncan alnico 2's and grover tuners. I play it through my gnx 3000 into a fender fm half stack and it sound insane and I love the sound and feel of it. I was looking at the fender American standard tele and strat and the J5 triple tele. I was also looking at the Gibson sg menace. I play in two bands, one is a rock/indie and the other is a cover band and we play everything from acdc, metallica, Bto, and the Beatles. I'm going to have about 1500 Canadian to spend and I'm also open to suggestion.
What's that in pounds sterling. What kind of shape guitar are you looking for strat style or les paul styles?

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the Les Paul seems to be the best choice for your music styles. if u dont like the Les Paul shape, then look into a Fender Fat Strat
I think the SG Menace is alot more than 1500. It is nice though.

Out of the choices you gave there, I'd go with a Strat.
I think thats about 750 pounds but I'm not really sure. I don't really care what shape of guitar it is just as long and it sounds and plays good. Also the menace is only 1100 Canadian at the music store where I buys all my gear.

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