First of all hi, first post on this forum

Now, I'm trying to decide between these two effect processors. The G2 is more kind to my wallet but the RPs USB interface recording is perfect for me.

Now, in sheer sound quality, who wins this? And does the G2 has an acoustic simulator?

Help would be greatly appreciated
Cheaper multi fx units are not really very good. Break often and digital sounding effects. Your best bet would be to save for a used pod xt or boss me-50 (i think its called). If you cant do that then I would go for the RP if you want the usb recording seeing you will most likley be upgrading in a year or so anyways, so get the one whos features appeal to you. The sound at that price range isnt going to vary too much quality wise. Maybe go for somthing with a expresion pedal though, wahs are quite fun .
Yeah I could go for one. Comes with a wah wah too. But I'm talking about the sheer sound quality here.. Who takes this? Distortion is important too.