Me and my girlfriend just broke up. She is a bitch. And i can do better. So i wrote this as an "i dont care" kind of song. It's not supposed to be deep. It's pretty obvious what its about. I'm over her and im finding someone who will treat me right cuz she treated me like shit. It's going to be a blues rock song, something like SRV would play. Anyways hope you enjoy, constructive criticism please. If you don't like it, don't be a dick.

(A stevie ray vaughan like blues shuffle)

You said you loved me
that was a lie
I found that out baby,
when you said your goodbyes
My heart is achin'
but my mind is at ease
I don't need you back little girl
So just leave, leave me please!


Cause i got no time for
a hard headed woman
She's afraid of committment
She'll just keep a goin'
Well she's a selfish, gold diggin'
heartless witch!
That's why i tell my self
It's time for a switch...

verse 2:
Well you know she was my little
pride and joy
And that she made me cry like a
little boy
But now that I got
those mean woman blues
I'm gonna find a girl
that i can never lose


Verse 3:
Now I, yes,
the sharp dressed man
Found me a girl in Louisiana
Up around the bend
She's got long blonde hair
Her lips are so sweet
She's just the kind of girl
I've been needin' to meet


Well now, thanks to
the spirit in the sky
I've found the one I've been dreamin' of
with whom i will die
She knows just how
to treat a man right
Keeps me up every day always
after midnight!
The blues had a child...it was called rock and roll