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The District of Columbia
5 45%
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I'm hearing Jimmy from the apartment next door
And I'm wondering what I came back here for
I pick up my guitar, and the memories sing through
Of the night we got drunk and I played "Hey Joe" with you.

The burned-out plantation down a long country road
The marks that you left and the secrets I told
From your porch I looked up at the dark Southern sky
You told me you loved me. I still don't know why.

I want to be where the Bull Dogs are winning
The 40 Watt's on, and the Globe is still spinning
Where there's a Jesus in neon for each country mile
Where I'd start every morning returning your smile.

That's always the way things happen for me
Always wanting to be somewhere I just can't be
I'll just keep wishing on these cold Northern stars
That I'll wake up in Athens, cause that's where you are.

The District of Columbia

On this late night bus, snug
despite the first-month chill outside,
we wander down the winding scar
of interstate to the Capitol

where, in the tired half-light
we will rise as one and speak
in the furious tone of our forefathers.
As my eyes stumble over the crowd, I find

that the windows have been crystallized
with our collective breath and I can
almost catch the minute creaks of people
shifting in their seats.

The intercom bursts to life
and a woman's voice, harsh and metallic,
echoes down the aisle. In spite of myself,
she becomes the elderly but powerful

pastor at my grandmother's old church.
We used to go every Sunday morning,
crammed inside the tiny congregational hall,
baptized in the soft angles of stained glass.

Years later, I'm here again: gathered at dawn
with the people of my faith, praying that
this time, I will look out over the
congregation, hand outstretched,

and grasp a moment of revelation
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Well both the pieces are really good.

RED one is really good and uses good rhyming words . but after certain point of time whole ABAB things starts whereas in BLue one writer is much independent of whole rhyme scheme
overall narration is good in both pieces but i like the changing scene in blue one much better.

So BLUE one for me
I think red is the perfect example of a song, simple as that.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
i liked the athens versoin the most! b ut i think both pieces are nice work. i write lyrics myself and i know how hard it is!
the pen is more mighty than the sword!