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The Gatherer
7 78%
2 22%
Voters: 9.
This is the match for 3rd place, and 1pt.

The Gatherer

I am the man who lives all alone
in the place that nobody has seen
where snow falls like waves and the sun knows no home
in darkness I lie and wait

Search no more, for the master of tears
for he's found his barren thoughts here
when the drops by his feet dried before he could blink
I destroyed him in the palm of my grief

And when the martyr of sin came to lie by my door
where he moaned like a dog in the shadows
I cast him not even scraps or bones
But consume did he, with an atheist's tongue

Yes, I am that man who collects all the dreams
of hope that might be forgotten
And I am the man in whom pain is born
in a blackness with no door
So, think you are lost and find my words here
where once light burned through the clouds
But know I exist in worlds only my own
Know I can be, but never go home


Look now,my heart lay
pulsing at half measure,steadily.
Waiting for yours to pick up beat
and let our hearts ring
into the same frequency,
and so others hear them play.
When all it really is,
is the sound of our thoughts,
evolving simultaneously.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
red one .

blue one is good but imagery in red one is far more superior