Im a dumbass, i should know what this is, but someone tellme what this is?
A Scale? Don't worry, you're not a dumbass, everyone starts somewhere, a scale is basically a fundemental sequence of notes from which music is made. In western music, the most common scale is the major scale - Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. Im not quite sure what else you want to know, but feel free to ask.
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do...... uh?

I've been just playing tabs for a year or 2, like blink 182, sum 41 and all that

don't know much chords..
my advice would be to get a teacher

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Ok, that sequence of syllables are the way most people remember the major scale, but if you don't know it then it wont be much help.
Think of it this way - each fret on your guitar is one semitone - this is the smallest note value we commonly use in music (therefore two frets are a tone). All scales are are sequences of notes which have set intervals between them, so can be transposed into any key.
The intervals in a major scale are:Tone, Tone, Semitone, Tone, Tone, Tone, Semitone.
So in a C major scale, this would correspond to C(root), D(Add a tone to C), E(Add a tone to D), F(Add a semitone to E), G(Add a tone to F), A(Add a tone to G), B(Add a tone to A), then add a semitone to B and you're back to your starting note of C.