I've only seen them on the internet but never actually heard someone say them.


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Ok, those there are the modes of the major scale, conveniently in the right order. If i take C major as an example, playing it from C-C would be the Ionian mode. Playing that scale from D-D would give you the D Dorian mode. E-E would be E Phrygian, F-F would be F Lydian, G-G would be G Mixolydian, A-A would be A Aeolian (which is the same as a natural minor scale) and B-B would be B Locrian.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, you can transpose these modes to any major scale, so, for example, playing a G major scale from A-A would give you the A Dorian mode.
perhaps like this?

Ionian - Eye-oh-nee-an
Dorian - Door-ee-an
Phrygian - Fridge-ee-an
Lydian - Lid-ee-an
Mixolydian - Mix-oh-lid-ee-an
Aeolian - Ay-oh-lee-an
Locrian - Lo-cree-an
These are the pronunciations, hope you find them clear:

Ionian - Eye-oh-nee-ann,

Dorian - doh-ree-ann,

Phrygian - fri-jee-ann (The fri sounds like in fridge :-) ),

Lydian - lih-dee-ann,

Mixolydian - Mix-oh-lih-dee-ann,

Aeolian - A*-oh-lee-ann *sounds like 'hey'*

Locrian - loch*-ree-an * (think loch ness, properly pronounced)*
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Locrian is pronounced like "LOW-kree-an", not "lock".

Regional differences?!
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Ahh, I just checked on the IPA and I think you are in fact correct.

I bow.
Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
Ya i always thought it was Low-cree-an. Hmm, im with zamboni on this one.

EDIT: nightwind totally beat me too it, i forgot to refresh the page after 5 minutes
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