im looking at the

Taylor 214 as its in my price range.

Martin & Co. Road Series 000M

Seagull S6

Takamine AN16

im going to try these guitars out in my local guitar shop (if i can find them lol)

what do you guys think or any other suggestions.

i have around 500- 700 pounds to spend.
out of those, i'd go with the takamine because that model has solid rosewood back and sides while all of those other guitars have laminate back and sides... but you definitely still want to play any and all of them that you can find to make a good choice!
are they are all generally really good guitars?

have you had a chance to play any of them?
i've played all of them except that martin model so i can't speak on it... but otherwise i wouldn't really call them all "really good" guitars. i don't really think that the s6 is as good as the 214 and i don't think that the 214 is as good as the an16.
I think the 214 is the best out of those, but only if ur going to get the 2006 model. It's a fully solid wood guitar, while the new 2007 model has laminate rosewood back and sides
the older 214 is all solid wood with sapele back and sides. the an16 has solid rosewood back and sides... so it's really just a matter of which you prefer. i said i think the an16 is better because i prefer rosewood. if you're gonna look at the 214, try and find a 2006 or older model!
ok i found another good looking guitar, a bit cheaper, its the

Takamine EG330SC. its an electro acoustic

Nato back and side and rosewood neck

does anyone know whats its like in terms of sound and feel?

a buddy of mine has had that guitar for.... 5 years or so i'd say. i really like it. i don't know what it sounded like when he bought it, but it sounds great now and plays really well also. i'm not sure how much those go for so i don't know if it's a great deal or not really.
well i found it on www.guitarvillage.co.uk for 280 pounds, which is equivalent to around 500 dollars according to exchange rates atm.

its definately more affordable that the other guitars, plus i hear takamines have good electronics inside.