Stumbled upon this forum in my quest for knowledge ... looks like a GREAT resource and you can bet I will spend a fair amount of my time here. I've read the stickies at the top of the forum and they helped me out quite a bit.

Total newb here, but I've done a fair amount of research and think I have my guitar choices narrowed down to three totally different guitars. Thought I'd post here and hopefully get answers from some of you seasoned guitarists. I'm looking to learn to play primarily classic rock, 80's rock, modern rock, etc ... you know ... rock.

Here's what I'm looking at (and my reasons why) ...

Squier Standard Fat Strat $199 ... buddy at work recommended a Squier Strat, but after seeing what Squier had to offer, I thought maybe the Standard Fat Strat would be a better choice with the single-single-humbucker setup. I've read they don't hold a tune very well and probably could find a better choice for rock music in general.

Epiphone G-310 $199 ... last Saturday I ended up in a Guitar Center showroom. Pinged one of the salesmen for advice and he recommended this. Had him play a little bit and I thought it sounded great. Seems to get pretty good ratings from online users. Ran out of time or I would have had him play some other flavors of guitars, too.

Ibanez GRG170DX $259 ... found on Guitar Center's website. Liked the Humbucker - Single - Humbucker configuration. Gets good reviews. Looks pretty nice in the candy apple red config.

I've already decided on a Line6 Spider III 75W combo amp. Sold on all of the presets. Not in stock in any stores within 90 miles of me, but could grab one off ebay, I guess.

So whatcha think? From guitars in the $200-300 range, am I in the ballpark? Any hard reasons for/against any of these guitars? Better options in something else? Thanks in advance!
Screw the Line6 and get a VOX Valvetronix. Far, far, far better. In a whole different league. VOX AD50VT. Go try one.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
skip the squier, can't say much about the others other than pound for pound an ibanez will always shag an epiphone