ok hello everyone, my first post here.. All I ask is that people dont refuse to help me for this fact :S.

Ive been playing for almost 6 months and I think its about time to start thinking about a new guitar. Right now I have an Ibanez (gio) GRX120. I got it for $150 CAD. cheapy one. Now if I get a second guitar I would love to have this one as a drop tuned guitar.. like drop C etc. What I would need to do is to change the pickups, (For pinch harmonics) strings and tuning pegs I would assume.

Now a couple questions..
1)Is there anything else I would need?
2)The guitar can fit 2 humbuckers, bridge and neck. Of course this guitar only supports passives.. All I hear about are the bloody emg-85/81 a la Zakk wylde but are there any passive p/u that are awesome for squealies? I was thinking seymour duncans but Im not too sure.
3)maybe its best to pick up another guitar entirely and sell this one or something? :S
Freaking Bareknuckle pick ups scream!!! But taht's going to be way above your budget and yes, I advise you just completley scrap that guitar and get something else. You'll save money that way.
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