How long each day should i spend on sweep picking?

I've been playing 2 years or so now and i think it's time for me to start trying some sweep picking...i think i've got the basis of it - i have an arpeggio to practise and i know the picking hand movement but how long do you reckon i should spend on it each day minimum?
However long you want.

There is no universal formula for learning things.
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I practice until I start to get sloppy at this point I realize I need a break.

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Anything more than 15 minute a day and you will reap the benefits.
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i practice sweeps too much at times.

but yea, normally i try to practice a specific technique till i make a small improvement, at least. at that point, I try to practice as long as possible, while maintaining that high level of perfect and proficieny. As soon as I see the proficiency start to suffer, I'll stop, as to not practice mistakes
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like i've been playing for 9 1/2 months and i know how to sweep pick. Practise as much as you want
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