im a senior in high school, and instead of having a senior trip this summer, i am going to get a really nice guitar. right now i am thinking about either a jackson rr5 or a gibson studio. any pros/cons about these two? any recomendations for something else? i have about $1500 to spend.

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The Jackson is ok but as far as pure tone and sound go, the Les Paul's are the best by far IMO. Even the studio's are great. Jacksons are just a bit gay unless you get the high end USA model.
a rany rhoads model is cool if you're gonna just play metal. get the studio if you want flexibility
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The rhoads has 24 frets and is only $200. You can just replace the pickups and have it sound just as good as the $1200 les paul Studio, and still have around 800 bucks in your pocket.
i play a lot of older metal and a little bit progressive....im playin throught a crate gt212 right now........i was thinking about getting a half stack but i cant take it with me to college so i decided on a new guitar instead.
a studio is your best choice at guitar center they are 999.99, the studio will offer alot more tonal flexibility, RR5s are awesome and not just for metal, but everyone needs a LP
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