Poll: Do you think the Edge could play Eruption?
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Yes, no problem
2 29%
No way, not gonna happen
4 57%
Not now, but maybe over a long period of time with extensive practice
1 14%
Voters: 7.
So, I was in a discussion over the weekend. A friend of mine said hey "The Edge could play Eruption". I said, The Edge is a great guitar player and has his own style, but I highly doubt he could play Eruption or most any other "fast" style play. My friend does not play guitar, but I do... so I think I may be better equipped to answer the question. I did also state to my friend that I thought with time and practice most guitarists can play that type of music(I myself can play a good bit of eruption, but not
to perfection).
So what does the guitar community say?
If Edge can tap(and I don't know that he can), then I'd say he could play Eruption. Otherwise, no.
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