Papa Roach is my fave band but i'm a begginer. The only song i've learned is gone forever by 3DG. I also learned the intro to night drive by AAR but I don't think that means I learned the song. Does anyone know any simple songs by Papa Roach (Preferably from paramour sessions) that are easy to learn
Most of those songs would be pretty easy...try something like Crash, ...To Be Loved or The Fire to start off with I'd reckon. Hardest would probably be something like "The World Around You" but even that's pretty simple.
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Thanks. I am just a begginer though. So It would be hard to do world around you. It would take longer to learn alive though I bet .
You mean like:



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Try out last resort. It might be a little fast at first, but like use windows media player to slow it down and speed it up every so often. Will do wonders for your alternate picking too.
you should try be free and scars but those songs are on the getting away with murder album
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I second Last Resort...

(Partly because that's the only memorable guitar part I've ever heard from them...)
Good idea. Thanks for the suggestions. Scars would be pretty cool to do. I've only been playin for 6 days though. LOL.
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