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hey all,

i have this squire strat sitting around. im not really interested in upgrading electronics but id like to give it a personal touch.

im debating on either relicizing it, or staining it.
either way, i want it to have a worn in look. any suggestions?
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i can't see the pic

i dont think anyone can.
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sorry the pic didnt work, all my pics are formatted to big.
this isnt MY guitar but its pretty much exactly like it:


the problem i have is that im not crazy about the red that it is. id like more of a blonde or vintage white color.
ive also heard that guitars that arent nitrocellulose dont look very good when relic'd.
Dont relic it, relicing is lame.

Is it a affinity? If it is, try to go for a natural finish. Just sand all the paint off, and check the wood grain.
I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.
Yeah, Elderly is awesome. I love that place... Anyway, the natural finish should look cool. I've always wanted a guitar like that.
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