Like all of you, i have to tune my guitar occasionally. and when i tune it, the note is usually slightly flat, like it should be, just because of common sense that hitting a string over a period of time is going to loosen it. but sometimes when i go to tune my Cort EVL-Z6, the tunings are slightly sharp, and i dunno why. Its really no big deal, and the intonation on it is perfect, so...

anyhow, i have d'addario 10-46s and i have the guitar tuned in CGCFAD. it has a tonepros bridge.
Has the temperature dropped dramatically since you last tuned it?

Colder conditions caulse the strings to condense (not the best word) making them tighter and rightly so sharp.

Changes in humidity can caulse similar problems.
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Thanks jb_designs.
It was probably the temperature. I live in midwestern Pennsylvania and its been around 35 or so degrees every day but last thursday it was 68. weird yeah but that maybe did something becaus ethe day after it dropped back down to about 35 again.
I honestly can't tell you why, i find that too.
Sometimes i put my guitar down and one of the tuning knobs hits something and tunes slightly sharp, it could just me something as simple as that,
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