Poll: I will be throwing my piss at.....
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Panic! At the disco
3 18%
Fall out boy
3 18%
0 0%
Angels and Airwaves
0 0%
Enter Shikari
3 18%
All of the above
3 18%
Andygray, stop making threads you ****
4 24%
Myself for you to lick off andy, you sexy beast
1 6%
I dont care about the wee, just love me
0 0%
Voters: 17.
So who are you going to be saving all your bottles of piss up for? Im throwing them at Angels and airwaves
im going reading, but ive got my eyes on fall out boy and angels and airwavces. and im gna save a dagger for the lead singer of panic at the disco as ordinary bottles do not kill him, whcih was proved last year.
If I was going, it would most definately be enter shikari. Stuck up arrogant pricks.

And I see flaming coming, but bottling has always been one of the main attractions to reading and leeds.
Don't be a twat. Bottling artists is stupid. If I see anyone throwing bottles I'm going to hurl one at their temple from p.b. range. Pricks.

Why the fuck would you bottle someone who's just doing what they love? They've got a big break in the music industry and are doing well for themselves. Good on them! Oh wait, but you don't like their music so you're going to throw shit at them? Asshole.

If you saw someone walking down the street humming a song you didn't like, would you just start throwing stuff at them?

the winner of the pole says it all
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