I already posted the tabs for this, but i decided to record it. I posted it on my bands myspace. Please let me know what you think and if you like it, please add us. And yes i realize that i severely messed up the sweeping, and it was recorded on my computer mic.. so whatever. lol

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i don't like your clean tone. its not warm enough, and the the distortion has too much. good playing though, i'm still not crazy about the tone though. cool harmonies, although heard one around 1:10 that didn't fit.
the sweep picking is alright. (i can't sweep pick yet, i'm more of a melodic type)
cool stuff. full band next time?

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The tone is pretty bad, Why do you have a class guitar and bad amp? Over-all alright, went nowhere really.. The sweeping harmonys werent great, very sloppy, but your getting their.
Your distorted tone is pretty bad, too harsh for me, I'm guessing your using the Digitech one lol. The hjrmonies sound nice, but are little too much with the amount of gain you have. Maybe a little more vibrato the sustained notes. The sweeping would sound really cool if it were cleaned up, it doesn't sound too bad as it is but it's too messy. I guess its hard too get two guitar perfect with sweeping. The harmonies are sounded good towards the ned as well but still a little messy. Good job though.

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