I was listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers song "Dosed" and I wanted to learn it so bad! I found out that it has 4 guitar parts... great. I knew it had more than two, but I thought there would be an easier way to play it with just one guitar. Then I looked on YouTube and I saw this guy play it with a loop. It was so cool. And now I'm wondering if I could do that with an RP200A. It probably can't, and if it doesn't, could GarageBand do it? It's a computer program for Mac. I saw the DL-4 by Line 6, but I'm saving for a new amp. So any help is appreciated...
theres only one guitarist in the rhcp though? how do they play it live?
they never played this song live...only anthony sing a bits of it sometime around....john did use some guitar procesor with delay to record that melody that is repeatin overall...
Even the video is looping :P lol but it's cool !
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Get guitar pro or Power tab, reduce the volume of the guitar segement you want to play and play the segement with the other 3 guitars.. It wouldn't sound as playing the whole song alone but give it a try.. But you need to find a good guitar pro or powertab tablature.. Maybe modify a little bit..
Who cares...
I have a Boss RC-20XL looping pedal, I haven't tried overdubbing more than once on top of a riff though (rhythm and lead at the most), as I mainly use it to practice and realize solos and songs my bandmates don't want to learn, but it would probably work. I'll check when I get home. The pedal costs $250.
for overdubs like that its easier to just record the overdubs and play a long with them, thats how they would probably do it live, or thery would have back up guitarists, or just play simplified version of it.
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wow that was so cool!

you could probably do it, it would just take some time

best looper anyone?
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the best looper is Ableton Live software and a MIDI footswitch, by far.
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Well after checking my looper, it's definitely possible to have 3 guitar riffs going at the same time, maybe even more.
Hmm good question

The price of the RC 2 is about right though, and according to the details on the site it does enough looping for what id use. I think the RC 20 has more time and a few more features.
I never tried the RC 2 but for 70 bucks more I figured I should spring for the RC 20XL. It has a lot of features that I can grow into. You can record and overdub phrases, voices, cd music (though I haven't tried it yet so I don't know how it sounds). You can change the tempo. Auto start a recording as soon as you strum. Reverse playback. As far as the other pedal, its easier to use since there's two pedals one to record, one to stop, change tempo, yada yada yada. I'm sure there's more but I forget and I'm sleepy.


Ha ha, after checking the Boss site, it looks like Reverse is the only thing different with the RC 2 and RC 20XL, and of course the extra pedal. So maybe in this case cheaper is better, they have videos that detail both pedals.
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They are a great pratice tool too, you can sit there and lay down different chord progressions all day and play over the top experimenting ect ect.. Great tool.
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theres only one guitarist in the rhcp though? how do they play it live?

Loop station. You can use a loop station like the boss ones. The RC-2, RC-20 and RC-20XL are killer. Love em
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They don't play it live.

And the Boss RC2 would do it, hell, even the DD6 does it.
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