Hey guys, I'm ordering a Laney GH50L head soon
I've heard the matching cabs for the GH50L was not very good, so I'm trying to find another cab with this.
I'm going for 2 x 12.
I've heard some suggestions such as:

Carvin legacy
Genz Benz G-flex
Avatar v30 or hellatone 60L

But I have no clue which one is most suitable for me.
Keep in mind the head is only $800 US, I don't wanna pay too much for this cabinet.

Let me know

Avatars can crap out on you and suck for metal.

And all the cabs you mentioned are more than $400 except the Avatar.
Vader cabs are good for metal, don't know if they're versatile though.
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You could pick up a Marshall 1936 for that.
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