Well, I'm a 17-year old guitar player with an effective setup; my equipment has met my needs to date, but I'm starting to feel some parts of my rig don't quite cut it (see sig below).
Mainly, I have a problem with my inherited multi-effects unit...it's fairly aged, seeing as how it's probably 15+ years or older...it doesn't have a manual anymore, which may be why I'm having trouble finding the tones/overdrive types I'm looking for...
Does anybody have any experience with such an old piece of equipment? If so, I could use some programming/general advice...I just don't get the right kinda sounds out of it...I'm mostly interested in getting better quality overdrive similar to Jimi Hendrix and classic rock artists...which is why I wondered whether I would be better off getting something more modern (like the boss ME-50 multi-effects unit) or a vintage/quality overdrive pedal...any thoughts?

PS ~ i was hoping the new addition would complement the rest of my rig (cause my amp is a tube and very sweet, but only has a volume knob lol)
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Invest in a higher quality, single, OD pedal. I've got the Ibanez TS808 and love it. Others will tell you the Maxon's better, still others will recommend the Jeckyl & Hyde, Fulltone Fulldrive, etc., etc....

Try out some at the store. Whatever you go with, as long as it's quality, it will be significantly better than anything on a multi-effects unit.

I'm not a fan of ME's in general, but for something you'll use as often as OD, I think it's imperative to get the right pedal.
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