I am confused as to which scale system to study. The Guitar Grimoire has a conventional and sweeping seven pattern systems and the CAGED is a five. Should I learn the CAGED one of the 7 postition pattern systems or all for the major scale?

If someone can point me to a link to read the pros/cons of each, I would appreciate it!


i have no clue what youre talking about

but caged is a very good system, i can tell you that much
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I learned the caged system. Now i can play chords in tons more positions. I then learned scale patterns in the caged system. From that, i can play solos/scales/whatever all over the neck, up and done AND across the neck.

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I know both.

The 7 position, 3 note per string, fingerings are considered more "modern".

In a nutshell: the 5 position is designed for the fretting hand. it tries to make all the
finger positions fit into 4 frets for ease of fingering (there are a few exceptions). The
7 position is designed for picking regularity. With 3 notes on every string the picking
pattern is always the same and it's easy to conceptually shift patterns all over the
place. Additionally, an odd number of notes per string is perfect for economy picking.

So, which one? Depends. If I had to choose one, the 7 position over the 5
no contest. The benefits are HUGE. It's not even close really. The only downside is
that you have to get used to the much more frequent, larger stretches. But, that's
for intermediate and above players. For beginners, the 5. The fingering is easier and
it ties into the standard chord forms of the CAGED system.
Which volume of the Guitar Grimoire has that topic? I have the Chords and Progressions one.

Thanks for the informative reply. This morning, I spent like an hour working the major scale and working between the CAGED and 7 position / 3 note patterns using my Jazz III and Tortex Sharp. Half way through, I could see where the sweep picking of the 7/3 patterns is quicker and cleaner for me.


It is in the Guitar Grimoire Scales & Modes book. This volume jumpstarted my music theory knowledge.