I really dont have enough money these days to get a good, poewrful amp for all the types of music i want which is metal, shred, some light blues and some solo stuff like joe satriani etc.

So what i did was i bought a Boss Me-50 multi effects pedal. And in combo with my fender 15 fr i got some prett nice sounds out of it - metal, shred, blues etc. But its still a crap amplifier and i basically just have the amplifier on clean, and the pedal works out the rest of the distortion and effects.

Anyways onto my idea- i want to get a more powerful amp thats also relativeley cheap thats gona give me the same sound as my mini amp but even better. Ive been lookin into the 12x2 Fender Frontman, the Peavy classic 30 watt, and the fender blues. The thing im worred about is that im gonna get a more powerful amp, but its not gonna deliever the same results i have with my 15w, due to their uses. Just loud enough for small gigs.

Any suggestions? comments?
Don't go with the Frontman, as it's just another solid state amp that won't really sound much different than yours. You might want to play the Peavey and Fender Blues series ones, because they're really completely different amps with different tones to them. And don't be worried about getting a more powerful amp. They'll give you just as good tone, and you'll be able to get pretty much the same tones out of the ME-50.