My brother and I are doing this for fun, and you might find the lyrics kind of dumb (which is intended ). They will be sang with cookie monster vocals (kind of like death metal because we think that this style is somewhat amusing) along side heavy music. OOHHHH!s resemble a cookie monster scream.


It’s the color of dead
I see it as I sever your head
Pump you full of lead
I shot you in your bed
I ate


The revolution is coming

Your Life is a Lie


You’re livin’ a lie
And you gonna die
You want to know why
‘Cause you ate my pie
The end is nigh


Yes! All I want is revenge
I could crush you with a boulder from Stonehenge
Or make your brain into spaghetti
And make your body into confetti


I will dig your grave and throw you in
And save you from this mortal sin

The Dark Park

Outside it is lonely and dark
As I ceaselessly stalk you throughout the park
In your face I will diarrhea and fart
Before I break and tear you apart


As I choke you with whipped cream
It is quiet but no one can hear you scream
I will eat you, or does it seem
That I shall annihilate you with my tractor beam


Answer me now and you will be spared
Maybe a little ruffed up; like you ever cared
But if you are quiet you soon shall know
Of how your blood, in a stream, from your body will flow


I plan to release the recordings of these ASAP, but that might not be for a few weeks or maybe even over two months. Thanks for reading.
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This is the biggest collection of ADD i've ever seen.
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^^ read the FAQ silly. : )

sooo where will you release the recordings? on UG?

Maybe. It depends upon the reaction they get, but at this point, yes.

And I am sorry about the FAQ thing. I was ignorant on this because I only read the first few lines of it.
Quote by Silent_Jester13
This is the biggest collection of ADD i've ever seen.