I'm going to start saving up for a really nice guitar. I've been playing for about a year and a half now, so I figure that by the time I save up enough money I'll be good enough to be worthy of a fantastic guitar.

I was looking at the PRS CE24 a lot, and that one's on the top of my list right now. What are your experiences with this guitar? Do you think there's a better guitar for in the same price range? Recommendations?

Thanks in advance.
I might be late, but i have a ce-24 and it is by far the best guitar ive ever played. I can seriously play any style of music with it. I highly recommend it.
Ya the PRS ce-24 is very versatile and sounds awesome my guitar teacher has one. The PRS SC 250 is also very good if you like a les paul shape guitar.
CE's are very good guitars. but if I were going to pay that much for an axe, I'd save a little more and get a Custom 24.
CE and customs sound quite different due to the neck materials being different. Id play em both and see what you like. Personally I prefer the brightness of the maple neck on my CE.
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