I know this thread has been done before, but none of the other ones have good responses, so I'm going to try again.

I'm looking to get a resonator. I looked on musiciansfriend at the reviews, and I'm going to go to a guitar store as soon as I have a free day. But I'd like to ask UG what your favourite resonators are.

I'm looking for a swampy delta blues sound, but not too muddy. It'd also be nice to get some of the Southern rock sounds, like a Lynyrd Skynyrd blues tone -- think "Mr. Banker" but acoustic.

Any help you can offer would be...helpful. Thanks.
Can't stop the signal.
Come on, any suggestions? Surely someone has a resonator. Just throw out a brand or model.
Can't stop the signal.
Sorry for the bump. If I don't get any answers this time I'll quit.

Does anyone have ANY recommendations for resonators?
Can't stop the signal.
Going on very limited knowledge check out Nationals and Dobros. Dobro (owned by gibson now) do not make resonators with full steel bodies while national make them with the full steel body and with the wood bodies. Regal may be OK if your on a budget too.

thats sort of my knowledge out of here. Try and find a shop dedicated to acoustic instruments or something like that. If you were in Australia I could help you out with a shop like that, as there is a very good one. But your in LA so i cant help you there. But if you can find a shop that stocks a few resonators, especially if they are a more specialty kind of shop as opposed to your average guitar centre or whatever. The staff at a store like that are more likely to know about resonators. So you could ask them.