Hey folks! Please have a little listen to my cover of 'Iron Maiden - Face in the Sand', from the Dance of Death album. Vocals, drums and bass done with Guitar Pro 5!

Link below, (just scroll down a bit to get to my music player, and its in there)


Thanks in advance for any crits! And, I'd be very happy to crit some-one else's songs in exchange.

the quality of this recording is incredible, its sounds professional. everything seems to be in time and perfect in my opinion. but i agree that the cymbals do get annoying after a while, maybe if they were toned down a little bit and less accented. keep up the good work tho, i like this
Yeah, I see what u mean about the cymbals. I'm gonna re-mix it, then replace the song file, everything should work like before
Wow dude, that's awesome. It's not my favorite Iron Maiden song, but man you did a great job, especially on the solos. Amazing tone as well. How long have you been playing?
Almost 2 years, but since i started iv been a dedicated player

Thank you all for you feedback so far, it is very helpful. It's feedback like that that helps me to improve the songs
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Listening to it as i type, i havent heard this song before, but it sounds good already. the recording sounds really good. I liked the solo a lot very nice! nice work on it dude good job!

crit mine if you have time please