ya ive been playin guitar for awhile and i decided i would try bass....ya i got it about a week ago, and decided i dont like the stock strings on it much.....ya so i play all kinds of rock and metal really..... for example the first 3 songs i learned were are you gonna be my girl-jet dani california-rhcp enter sandman - metallica and im learning master of puppets now........so ya what strings would you reccomend?

plz and thanx
I like Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys but string choice really depends on you more than music styles
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i personally think elixers are choice but they are expensive. and i have a hard time finding them locally.

my second fav are DR Hi-Beams wich are less expensive and easyer to find and they sound good but i still like elixers more.

I want to try DR Lo-Riders. i heard they sound the same as highbeams but are less slinky and tighter wich would be better for rock and slapping i think but im allways too skared to try new strings on bass because they are so expensive! anyone know anything about theese strings and can compare them to either DR hi-beams or Elixers would help
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I have the Lo-Riders they sound good for old strings and I play death metal tuned to D standard and around that area...
I had D'Addario's, but they were not cool, their sound died, I would go with some DRs
it is your choice....

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Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkies +1.

I use 'em and I'll play anything. I find them really versatile.
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I think a string that few know about, but rock hard, are extremely crunchy, and slinky as well, are the Jerry Only Skullbuster strings by Dean Markley. They have a nice long lasting sound and they're tough as hell. They take the abuse of the stage well and last long. I play a specter and compared to the cost of Specter brand strings they're affordable. If you're playin' rock go for the Skullbusters....
I prefer either Dean Markley Blue Steels medium guage or DR Black Beauties, both sound great imo. A little too bright for my taste at first but once they're broken in they sound thick and powerful, and well, I know it isn't very specific, but they sound mean.
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Are XL's any good? Those black XL's at the store I take lessons at would look bad ass on my bass lol
EB Hybrid slinkies are excellent. Recently, though, I've swapped to the stainless steel Rotosound Swing Bass strings.
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DR Lo-Riders or Hi-Beams, stainless steel. I prefer Lo-Riders, though - they're a bit tighter than the Hi-Beams due to the hex core vs. the round core of the Hi-Beams.
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