Hey, I'm looking into getting an epiphone les paul, and i'm stuck between the standard and classic. any ideas on what the differences are, and reccomendations?
Adam NoPants
Epi's are all pretty similar. It's mainly cosemtic differences: the classic has open pickups, and I think it doesn't have a maple top. Either way, it's flat.

Also, I think the standard is a bit better quality. I'd get the standard.

If people label something as "studio", it means that they expect no-one to ever see it. So it sounds alright, it's just ugly.
I had the same problem, so I asked someone about it and the response I got was, They are basically the same the standard comes with a pick guard and the classic comes with open pickups the finish is different but the pickups on the classic ARE different the put out deeper tone than the standard with the standard you can play a wide range of music the classic is really deep...i went with a standard and I love it.
Get the Standard Plain Top, the only all mahogany Epi LP not a mahogany/alder sandwich like the rest of them. Don't worry about the pups too much cause you will change them at some stage, Epi pups are pretty bad.