Hey guys. In kind of a pickle right now, we have a BOTB coming up, and two of our members are playing in another band. I had known about it previously but never done anything because the response was always, "We're just helping this guy out, he doesn't have a band and he wants to be in it." Okay, no problem, you know, it's all going to be over after the BOTB. They used my PA system to practice recently. But now, as things always seem to do, it has escalated, and they have said they are available for shows after the BOTB. Is that betrayal or not? I can't decide...

My personal role in the band, why I posted in this subforum, is that I am the guitarist/lead singer for the band, and I write 90% of the songs, and I am the "face" of the band (I'm the one they interview and stuff like that). Our other guitarist (the backup singer) is on my side and is with our band 100%.

We can't really decide what to do, should we wait until after the BOTB, should we make them choose sides, or what? I have, however, decided that they will no longer be using my PA system, and can get their own. They may have a tough time of it, though, since their singer is a high-school drop-out.

Side projects break up bands 90% of the time, the most recent casualty being Audioslave, which was dissolved as a product of Rage's reunion and singer Chris Cornell's solo project. I could list others, but you guys could probably fill the blanks yourselves.

The good thing is that the bassist and drummer in our band could be replaced moderately easily. We have grown quite popular in our local region and have gotten some offers for places in the band, but declined them all.

Sorry to write so much, but I figured if I left any of that out, it wouldn't be the whole story. Anyway, what do you guys think?
well imo you should sit them down and tell them your problem face to face, and if their worth it theyll probably understand your situation. But If they take it badly then their not worth it, and as you said you could probably replace them. However If they want to stay in both bands, their again not worth as they should be in your band 100% and eventually theyll drag your band down. If you do kick them out make sure you get replacements b4 : )
Well how good are these people at there instruments? And how good are the possible replacments? If the people you have in the band now aren't anything special and aren't fully with the rest of the band then you might as well replace em' with someone that cares just as much about the band as you do.
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I am not totally against side projects, however if you are a very successful band in your area...then things need to get on the ball. I agree that you shouldn't let them use your PA System anymore. If they bitch, I would say yes but then charge them.

Definately wait until the BOTB is overwith, if they continue and it effects the main band, then it's time to make some decisions. Again like the others said, talk to them first.

Side Note: Every band I have been in that had a high school drop out, I noticed they were the most unintelligent and often couldn't take any control or self-expression. Also my dad used to have a private company and refused to hire high school drop outs. His theory was if they quit high school, why wouldn't they quit their job. I might take the same aspect when forming future bands.
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