Is it necassary to change a string guage for this Drop B tuning? How bad would it sound if I kept my standard gauge strings and tuned from Drop C to Drop B?
They usually go all floppy and have no tension in them,
If your already in a drop C it should be fine I guess,

But it could still sound sloppy.
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What gauge are you using right now?

At the very thinnest (playable) you will need at least a .11 set and maybe some thicker low strings

EDIT: If your strings work fine in C, going to B shouldn't be a big deal.
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They sound fine in Drop D, but would Drop B be ok?
If any strings are loose and hitting the frets when you try drop B, you need thicker strings.
OK it a change to .11 guage, can those strings be tuned up to Drop D without breaking?

Cause if not, then that means I'd have to change my strings just to play songs in Drop B and lower.
11s will be fine in drop d. i have 12-52 in standard. sooo yeahh... ut 11s for B.... might be pushing it.... i dont even like my 10s in drop c (which was said before but i have the same opinion).
oh and you probably wont warp your neck but just cuz dont take all your strings off at once. take one off and put the new one on and continue with that process.
If you're planning to play in different tunings a lot then you really need another guitar. I have one guitar set up with .13s that I use for playing in drop C/drop B and have .11s on my other guitars to play in standard. Otherwise you'd need to change strings all the time and the constant change in tension is not good for the neck.
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If you're gonna tune to that, I really reccommend a 7-String guitar.
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Drop a? Holy Shit boy.

Drop C is as low as I ever go, and I hardly ever do that.
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If you're gonna tune to that, I really reccommend a 7-String guitar.

Chevelle uses Drop A and has a 6-string guitar...
I got into trying to tune to drop B because my old lady loves Chevelle and I wantd to learn a couple songs to play for her.....11's won't do on a LP, I found. You probably want to get a 7 string or dedicated long neck 6 string guitar and put 12's or higher on it. Tuning that far from E or D, you would want to change your intonation, hence, dedicated guitar.