Dead Men Beckon the Living

This is my newly recorded thrash song (with a really cheesy title ). I'm getting better at recording so the quality isn't as bad as it could be. Right now the solo is all improv and total crap. I'm going to write a new solo and change it eventually so just disregard the solo for now. Thoughts and and tips are much appreciated.
Liking it so far. It's Metallica-esque.. the riff in the beginning gets a bit too repetative. Song would sound good with some vocals for sure. The solo needs work, that's a given.. It's alright though, niec and thrashy. Keep it that way, no need to shred on this piece. All in all, great work.
Hey man thanks for the crit. This song is pretty sick, like fretzippy said, it sounds alot like metallica. The drums go well with it, sweet riffage man.
Yea reminded me of metallica/megadeth.

Pretty sick intro. The drums are a little too low in the mix though. Your tone's pretty good. I like the gallops. Im loving the riffage. Nice clean part, i love harmonies.

Overall, great song, i love the bass as well. Great job!
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im going to be completely original and say that it reminds me of metallica/megadeath. haha. im listening to it now, and its really not that bad. the drums are kind of quiet. but its good. good solo. and the acoustic part is pretty cool.
this is awsome!! sweet! Metal will never die! Acoustic is great! get somebody to sing!


PS: I really want to know how you get a clean no fuzz recording....plz PM me on how and what you do it with. PLEASE!