It's recently come to my attention that 256MB of RAM is spectacularly shit, and so I was looking to upgrade. My freind showed me a site off which I can get 1GB for between £40 and £50. But I'm going over to the states in a coupel of weeks and I was wondering if anybody knew if I'd be able to pick up the same ammount for any less over there? And if so, whereabouts from?

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You're right 256MB of ram is very low in today's standards. Usually computers come with 1GB-2GB of ram, although 1GB certainly suffices most needs. What is you want to do with more RAM? Do you know what your motherboard/CPU is like? No sense in spending a cool $100 if you'll still be having troubles

TigerDirect is on of my favorite places to buy hardware, Best Buy too.
Very Important:

Before you go ahead and buy the RAM, do you have a relatively old computer model? Did you buy this computer in the early 2000s or older?

It seems like if you have 256 MB default on your computer, this is most likely the case.

And in this case, you may want to do some research to see if your motherboard can support 1GB-2GB of RAM. Most older computers can\\\'t take that much. If your computer is one of them, it will simply not boot up when you install the new RAM in because it doesn\\\'t recognize the hardware.

I made this mistake once. I have an older Sony Vaio from 2002-3 and last year I tried to buy a 1 GB RAM card. My computer didn\\\'t recognize it and the RAM card was basically useless. I did however, trade it in for 2 512MB cards though and that worked.

But yea, there are several things you need to take into consideration:
1. Is your computer, namely the motherboard, an up-to-date one or is it from a couple years back?
2. Is the RAM you\'re buying going to be compatible with the computer model?
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yeah, make sure you can actually add RAM, before buying it.

also, make sure you get the correct RAM, and the correct ammount. some machines only take to having certain ammounts. ie. you can't add 512mb to 256mb, you would have to add 256mb to 256mb.
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